Tuesday, November 16, 2010

School Spirit Week

I love School Spirit Week.  Granted, much instructional time is "lost" due to the changes to the schedule, but it's worth it!  Yesterday was "Stuffy Day",  where each student could bring a favourite stuffy or two to school.  We had to do full-on introductions for each visitor to our classroom, of course!  Today was "Pajama Day"...which was awesome.  The kids were darling and oh-so-comfy.  One little one wore a fuzzy polka-dotted pair of footed pajamas...and looked so very very little!  Another commented that "this is the most comfortable that I've EVER felt at school!"  I enjoyed it as well.  Sweatpants, t-shirt, and fuzzy slippers are so much easier when sitting on the floor!  Dress clothes? What dress clothes?
Tomorrow is Skating Day...bound to be awesome...and amusing.

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