Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolutions...Grades Five and Six

More funnies from the grade 5 and 6 students!  They were assigned (as a time filler after the rest of the Social Studies material for today was covered) a worksheet titled "My New Year's Resolutions" with the task of filling in at least two resolutions in each category on the page.  I present to you the highest highlights in each category!  Spelling and grammar are unchanged (and yes, I'm shaking my head over some of it, too!).

Resolutions to live a healthier life:
Do not eat candy.
Work out.
Shower a couple times every week.
Do a work out

Resolutions to help my parents:
Sower every day (shower)
Behave and obey
Do better to clean out the house

Resolutions to do well in school:
Right neter
Lern how to spel  (hahahhah.....*cough*...hahahha!  Same student for both of these so far...)
Don't slack off in my work.
Write neeter
Do my homework at night and not get homework

Resolutions to live a happier life:
Sower more (shower)
eat good
Lose a couple of pounds
Don't argue with my brothers
Get all Pokemon in Pokemon Heart Gold
Play more games
No homework

Resolutions to be good to my friends:
be nice
be good
Help my friends with there problems
Be nicer
go to their birthday

Resolutions to protect the environment:
Don't leter
conseve energe
Don't step on plants.  Except for grass.

Resolutions to be a good citizen:
Save power
Help the Citizen in the Town

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life According to Grades 5/6

Life According to 5/6 Grade Students:

Humour abounds when discussing the “olden days” with kids.  Today’s discussion was an introduction to electricity and the role it plays in life.  The corresponding assignment required students to think of five electrical appliances, describe their purposes, and then tell what people did before they had electricity.  The students took this very seriously...and fortunately I decided to not even glance carefully at the answers until the kids were gone!  

(wonky formatting!  The responses are in the following pattern:

What People Did Before Electricity )

Get rid of facial hair                          
They didn’t

Make toast                                          
Did not make toast

Boil water                                             
Didn’t boil water

Warm stuff up                                   
Didn’t warm stuff up

So you can eat                                    
No way to warm up food

Coffee Maker                     
Makes coffee                                     
Didn’t make coffee

Shows funny stuff                            
They would hunt

Video Games                      
Play stuff                                              
They built houses

Work personal favourite...
Shows the world                              
They probably threw stones