Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Emergency Birthday Gifts

Today I had an "oops!" moment...of epic proportions.  Two of the youngest students have birthdays this week, one yesterday and one today, and I forgot to buy a gift for each of them!  I had planned out what I was going to get but forgot to do so.  They knew that today was the day to receive the gifts, as I had a music class with them...

So, what was I to do?  After a bit of clever word-work (in my opinion) convincing them that they needed to wait until the end of the school day, I came up with a Making Kit. 
In each kit (ziploc bag) I put:
rubber bands
scotch tape
electrical tape
a styrofoam ball
a bunch of wooden beads
paper clips
ornament hooks
popsicle sticks
a handful of new crayons
a little flower pot (one of those that's not a lot bigger than my thumb)
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Ok, so I left out the partridge.  And the tree.

The note that goes along with the kit says "In this package you will find many things for building monsters, machines, vehicles, or whatever you choose!"

This kind of gift would have been a big hit with my group in PH...we'll see how it goes over here!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Here I thought that I'd kept up pretty well with this blog, but then I looked at the "last post" date. 

I had my best day of the year last week when I was subbing in for one of the teachers at my school.  All day as a classroom teacher in a Grade 1-4 class.  A few more days, or even part days, like that, and I might survive this job! Yes, subbing in is different, but she'd left me a very minimal plan for the day (after we'd discussed and agreed on it...not as a nasty surprise!), and I was able to just be the teacher rather than the sub.  It was a beautiful thing.

Next year, between a likely downsizing of the school staff, a maternity leave for one of the teachers, and my own preference for being in a classroom, I may be able to be a classroom teacher again, with only a bit of my time being "administration".  Does it make me a complete sucker for punishment that I'm praying it happens that way?