Friday, June 19, 2009

Student Awards

In the spirit of the end of the year (yay!), and the writing of report cards (boooo!), I have some proposed awards to be given out this year. This is my way of writing the snarky comments I could never get away with!

Shannon’s Proposed Class Awards

1.Fastest Runner (outdoors)
2.Fastest Runner (indoors)
3.Most Laps Run Around the School (for fun)
4.Most Laps Run Around the School (by force)
5.The Houdini Award (physical escape)
6.The Houdini Award (verbal avoidance)
7.Fewest Tattles in One Day
8.Most Tattles in One Day
9.Best Attendance Record
10.Frequent Absence Award
11.Fewest Band-Aids in One Year
12.Most Band-Aids in One Year
13.The Patience of Job Award
14.The Temper of Jezebel Award
15.Most “Problem Sheets” Sent Home
16.Most Office Visits
17.Most Hallway Chats
18.Quietest Worker
19.Loudest Screamer
20.Quickest Worker
21.Neatest Worker
22.Most Accurate Worker
24.Mess Maker
25.Rock Throwing (best aim)
26.Rock Throwing (worst aim)
27.Best “Neeah!” Face
28.Top Speller
29.Most Imaginative (positive)
30.Most Imaginative (negative)
31.Virtue of Sharing (verbal, positive)
32.Virtue of Sharing (verbal, negative)
33.Virtue of Sharing (material, positive)
34.Virtue of Sharing (material, negative)
35.Best Leader (positive)
36.Best Leader (negative)
37.Best Follower (positive)
38.Best Follower (negative)
39.Best Impersonation of the Teacher (teacher in room)
40.Best Impersonation of the Teacher (teacher out of the room)