Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forest Adventures!

One of the things that you quickly learn when living in a island community like this one is that sunny days are few and far between (especially at this time of year!), and when they come you have to get out!  This was one of those "Quick! Get your coats! Get your outside shoes! Get your explorer hats! Get your shovels!  We're going on a bear hunt!" kind of moments!

That first picture is from the beginning of our forest adventure...after the hats, paper binoculars, and shovels had become more of a hindrance than a help.    :)  Would you believe that this is only about 100 metres from our classroom?

We hiked for about 10 minutes before finding this excellent clearing.  Hills, stumps, fallen logs, standing trees...lots of dirt, and lots of fun!

We found a bear den!  Only, it wasn't really a den, it wasn't big enough for a bear, and it was completely unoccupied.  That didn't stop the imaginations!

We hacked several fallen logs to smithereens with our little shovels...yay for wet, rotting, crumbly wood!

There were plenty of opportunities for climbing, balancing, and scaring the teacher!

Unfortunately, the only pictures of the kids investigating with magnifying glasses has too much detail of their faces, so I can't post them here.  

What a great way to spend part of an afternoon!

PS--Check out the short update on the cookie baking endeavour, found on the previous blog post...

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