Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembrance Day

Every year I am saddened by the declining health of our veterans.  We had a special Remembrance Day ceremony this week, and had a local veteran come and talk to the students.  Amidst all of the expected talk of war and guns (popular conversations, of course!) I really appreciated the way that this lovely gentleman emphasized that most veterans are "pro-peace, not pro-war."  That's what we needed to hear!  That's the focus I try to give for my students.

These veterans are getting old.  They're getting sick.  They're not around anymore.  I haven't checked this statistic for myself, but according to our guest the WWII veterans are dying at a rate of about 2000 each month. Even if his number is exaggerated, it's sad.

Despite this, I am so pleased by the responses of my students to our Remembrance Day discussions.  They gave me such gems as this:

"The soldiers are like the Mommy at the end of Love You Forever...we have to finish the song for them."

What an amazing connection for a little one to make!

Shannon Gerber

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