Friday, September 2, 2011

That was easy!

Last week I read a post on one of the blogs that I follow (, and was both amused and saddened by the author's experience at Staples.
I love Staples.  It is one of those places that just makes me happy.  However, I have also felt the "shame" of not donating to whatever school supply drive is going on.  99% of the time the "shame" comes despite the fact that I KNOW how much of my own money I spend on things for students!  Then, yesterday, this happened.

I stopped in at my local store so that I could buy all sorts of things (though without a list as comprehensive as when I taught in a PH and had to take supplies for all of my students with me), and was irritated to hear a long spiel being given to every other customer. NOT that I think that the school supplies drive was a bad thing, or that they SHOULDN'T be asking for donations, but because I was dreading being asked.

I got to the register, emptied my cart, and pulled out my teacher identification so that I could get my 15% teacher appreciation discount (Yay for the last discount day!)...and she didn't even ask. No spiel, no guilt, no assumptions. Whether she refrained because she saw what I was buying, because of the identification, or because she was just sick of asking people, it doesn't matter!

Kudos to the cashier at register 1.

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