Friday, August 28, 2009

Ode to Comsifter

To my dear friend, Comsifter,


You might be useful, you might make sense.
Protecting students, a virtual fence.

You block out the bad stuff, so children can't see,
and once in a blue moon you do protect me.


You screw up the sites that I need every day,
the info for work, and Facebook for play!

Your classification of what is outlawed
makes so little sense, it's intrinsically flawed.


While students may know just how to bypass,
I can never remember what I've heard in the past.


If you want to be useful, just let me have fun.
Block out the evil, for all and for one.

If you can't manage to decipher my meaning,
then I will write something which might not get past screening.

You. Suck.


Cherri said...


Ali said...

I must admit that I am very jealous at your obvious poetry skill. Starting next week I have to spent three weeks of my Creative Writing class studying and writing poems. I fear it will be a very dismal three weeks for my non-poetic self...