Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Could it be?

Could life really be beginning to settle into some semblance of normality?

Here I go:  new community, new jobs, new apartment...according to the Holmes and Rahe stress test, I currently rank a 329...which is high.  Very high.  Not as high as some, but very high.  And yet, it seems like things might be calming down.

1. My new administrative job still includes classroom teaching.  Bonus!
2. My new community is only an hour away from my family, not 12 hours and a ferry ride.
3. I now live in an area where there is shopping!  Hockey!  Staples!  Starbucks!!!  Chapters!!! 
4. I will be working with people who I already know that I'll work well with. 
5. The cost of a lot of stuff is lower, and I don't have to travel 4.5 hours to buy a pair of shoes.

1.  My job is all over the place (not physically all over the place, but still).  I will be working about 1/3 of the time as a principal, 1/3 as a classroom teacher, and 1/3 as a distance learning instructor.  Can anyone say balancing act?
2. Rent is a heck of a lot higher. 
3. Because of my job, and the fact that it is a Christian school, I am now part of three major boards/committees...meaning that I have meetings almost every Tuesday night (threeTuesdays each month).  I hate meetings.

But here's the good news, blog wise...being that I'll be in the office more, I should have more of a chance to keep this thing updated! 

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