Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Why I'm Not Going to French Today"

Today's laugh is a long one...brought to you courtesy of a small girl who didn't want to go to French.  My response to her insistence on this point was "If you aren't going to French, you have to write a letter to the French teacher explaining your reason.  It has to be six pages long, because you are six years old."  It sounds harsh, I know, and the other students chose going to French over this "torture"...but this little one took me up on it.  She did convince me, however, that six pages was long enough that I needed to write her words down for her.  I was practically shaking as I tried to contain my giggles.  The letter is, as follows, exactly as it was dictated to me.

"Dear Mrs. Wood,
I've learned enough for awhile and so I am going to skip French, but I'll do it next French day.

And, I will try my ardest and listen as good as I can.

But, some of my work might not be as good as you think, so I will try my hardest.

I will do what you say and I will try my hardest to do that.  If you give me a treat if I'm very good I will not take it.  I will give it to someone who's very very bad at their work because I'm a nice person.

Because they will be nice to me because I was nice to them, but they might not.  If they are not nice to me still I will treat them even better so they might do it.

If they still aren't nice, I will still treat them nicely and maybe one day they will be nice to me.  So, that is why I'm not going to French.


I'm sending a copy home with her Mom.  This deserves to be saved!

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Cherri said...

I'm saving that one! Mr. Corbel should read it.