Friday, July 10, 2009

A New Resolution

...It is entirely shameful that I have been so out of touch with this blog. Sure, I spend what seems like hours every evening either with email or Facebook, but so rarely update this!
I have a goal! My goal is to post something (almost anything!) on this blog at least once a week. That shouldn't be too difficult! I may post far more frequently, sometimes...
I have a second goal. This involves having at least two positive things to say for every negative item on the blogging agenda (the sandwich effect). Can I do it? Yes. Will I? That remains to be seen!

So, positive number one. I can't seem to stop searching for classroom deals! I found a class set of pillows for only $3.49 each! I saved $12 on each one! The kids will love being able to sit on something comfy for stories or videos, and I might be able to get rid of some chairs from the room.

Negative. I have to take two classes this summer. One is "in progress" and the other starts next week. I really haven't felt yet like either class will be of any use or has anything to say of interest to me. That's frustrating! I'd love to take classes in something exciting or useful! Having hours each day devoted to things which are simply annoying is like working on report cards during the summer. EVIL!

Positive number two. The sun is shining! Warm weather! Tim Hortons exists! Starbucks is here! I've been to Chapters twice! Traffic lights! Summer in the city!
I love Port Hardy, but there is nothing quite like being able to meander through a bookstore with a mocha in one hand and a pile of new reading material in the other!

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Ali said...

There's nothing like July resolutions. They sure beat New Year's resolutions. Good luck with your summer goals (and classes) and have fun with your new reading material!