Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Blues

Specifically, I have the "Spring Break is OVER" blues!  I spent the last week having wonderful visits with family, geocaching, and doing just enough shopping to drain the budget...but the holiday just wasn't long enough.  I'm finally feeling ready to spend time planning the next few months in more detail...however, school resumes tomorrow.

This evening's mental debate makes me realize that I need a little more time off.  It went, as follows (regular text is the first voice and italics indicate the more rational voice in my head):

"I'm hungry.  I want tart shells.

I can't eat just plain tart shells.

Ok, so I'll make tarts.

I don't have what I need for tarts. Except for shells.

Ok, so I need to think of something else to put it the shells.  I want hot dogs in them.


Ok, that would be foolish.  I'll make vegetable soup and put that in the shells.  With hot dogs.

Soup is too thin.

I'll thicken the soup.  Oooh, I want cheese, too.  I'll put that on top of the soup, in the tart shells. It will be like shepherd's pie.

In tart shells.

*soup tarts go in the oven*

I'm not hungry anymore.


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