Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, what a day...

You know it's been quite a day when two of your darling students run away from you...in full sight and hearing of a police officer.

They got quite a lecture upon returning (this was right outside the school...not like they could go anywhere) about how SHAMEFUL it was to behave that way and WHAT did it make them LOOK like for the police officer to SEE them behaving SO BADLY...and how EMBARRASSING it was for them (I left out how embarrassing it was for me) to be known as the boys who RAN AWAY from their TEACHER in front of a POLICE MAN...and that they were SO LUCKY that I didn't take them out for a time out IN the police car.   

They were very repentant.  

One of the mothers told me that I should have "scared the snot out of them" by marching them out for a talk with the police officer about safety, responsibility, and obedience. I really should have. :)

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