Saturday, January 2, 2010


In the spirit of New Years Resolutions, I am going to share mine with you all. Please note that some of them may be more sarcastic than serious (not a surprise if you know me!).

1. I resolve to only make resolutions that I might be able to keep.
2. I resolve to blog more frequently.
3. I resolve to think fewer unkind thoughts about people (please note that I didn't suggest that I might stop completely).
4. I resolve to spend less time watching mindless television in the evenings.
5. I resolve to get out of Port Hardy for retail therapy more frequently.
6. I resolve to eat more vegetables.
7. I resolve to be more patient with stupid jokes made by small boys.
8. I resolve to procrastinate less often.
9. I resolve to actively search for a Masters program.
10. I resolve to begin with the first three resolutions, and then add one more each month so that by July I'll be working on all of them.

Keep me on track! Don't let me give up! Comment on my blog so that I know that someone is reading!

1 comment:

Ali said...

I didn't resolve to do anything..unless, of course, you count reading through the Bible chronologically and deciding to keep an open mind about maybe someday doing a Masters. Your resolutions sound great, though, especially #10, hehe! I'll try to keep you on track.